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“As a silent breeze caresses my back and delicate rain softly dabs my skin. I remember your touch. My breath catches gazing to the heaven, I lovingly ache with the earth.”

Jewelry has been a significant adornment for Indian women since ages. Its importance in an Indian woman’s life can be determined from the number of jewelry gifts she receives on various auspicious occasions in her life and how even the poorest of women possess some kinds of jewelry. Indian women decorating themselves with jewelry is one of the oldest traditions which is still being followed and, holds a lot of meaning and value in their life. It is not only a piece of beautification but also adds a lot of power, valour and confidence to the one owning it.

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“She seem shattered; to me, she was a breathtaking mosaic of the battles she has won.”

We all have heard about how jewelry is a piece of art and beauty but have you ever thought that this piece can hold scientific value as well? Well yes, the little that we know, the jewellery that we wear is directly proportional to our health and mind set. For example a ring worn on 4th finger from thumb is directly connected to the nerve passing through this finger to the brain neuron cells. Nowadays, rings of various stones are worn by women for various health benefits attached to a variety of gem stones.


“The gleaming metal of the sharpest swords poised to strike her back. Sharp, provocative and stunning, each scar on her body was a story in itself. Armour, shield, sword, dagger and arrows- the weapon of choice for the legendary women have inspired her winning her battles. She carried all of these on her back to strike on her enemy and for defending herself too, her only enemy- her emotions, her feelings…A warrior Princess. “

Apart from increasing the beauty of Indian women, Indian jewelry is also considered to be a matter of great security in time of financial crisis due to its good value.  To accentuate the feminism factor, women wear jewelry created with precious metals like gold, silver and diamonds. Traditionally, having a good collection of jewelry symbolizes power, good status and immense wealth of the owner.

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” The past has left burnt bridges, The present gave me you. The future brings me promise, With things I want to do. But all my battles I’ve fought left me weary weak and low, Would not be worth the troubles If I’d never know…Would you be mine forever, Would you hold me close, Would you cherish me my love Or you would leave me loose?”

Nose ring called as ‘Nath’ by Indian women is definitely the most seductive jewel piece without which a married woman’s make up is considered incomplete. It forms an integral part of traditional bridal jewelry keeping in view its conventional and scientific value. Aristocratic families get special nose rings created for the bride as it’s considered the most auspicious jewel to be worn on the occasion.

As per a theory, nose ring is also connected to emotional, romantic and sexual propositions of a woman. It also prevents a woman from being hypnotized due to its power to control the brain wavelength.

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” A pit fall may presumably shatter a lot in life, but one has to step out, search and acquire what they believe in. I believed in bouncing back, and I did, I came back with a little help of course. Now when I look into this mirror, words by John Mayor ring in my head ‘ Now I’m gonna dress myself or two, one for me and one for someone new…” I can comprehend a few things clearer than before- With the rise of conformity driven by allure of image- driven much by superficiality as rebellion, strong women shall continue to be those individuated gems who know what it is to spread out their fins and swim, even when the current is against them.”

Dress up, don a choker, the folklore attached to it will narrate your story of strength and courage, step out, let them know you are here to stay and rule, like the women across history have.

Picture- Amor Y Fotos by Dipti Malhotra

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