“Some girls look good in Diamond, and some make the Diamonds look good.” Break the shackles, bend the rules. Be what you want to be, dress how you like it and let no one tell you that you aren’t woman enough if you are not shy or submissive. 

I investigate the insights of a capricious lady as she weaves stories of self esteem while anticipating her huge Indian wedding. Glowing precious stones, sparkling pearls, and realistic reds, blacks and whites make up the mixture of her defiance as she breaks all limits with the dynamic marriage patterns.


“She is any young lady that thinks about style more than she does about form. What’s more, she is commonsense as well, so she won’t forfeit her solace for it. She isn’t content playing princess it is possible that she would much rather be ruler on her huge day! I would state she is a delicate non-copy-cat.”

I see too much pressure on the brides, too much make-up, too much fabric and too much discomfort. I strongly believe in choosing an outfit which takes care of your comfort and makes you look non-conformist. Something that gives you a sense of owning your day and making a mark for yourself on your big day.


“I could never understand the cliche styling tips given by women to the would be bride. Wear only these colors, the neckline shouldn’t be deep, the cut should be like this, the dress should not be too transparent etc. I would cringe every time someone said it to any of my friend’s or sister’s & it was then that they gave birth to a rebellious bride in my head and heart. I paired an angrakha’s cover up with a raw silk saree and instead of a blouse I wore a bralette and finished the look with a layered polki har and red bindi.” 

Tip for every girl trying to go beyond conventional Indian look with their Saree’s- a good bralette can easily become a blouse.
Shilpa from The Clothing Rental helped me decide and arrange the look. One of the most involved and peaceful places which not only has a myriad of gorgeous pieces but the people behind the brand also help you in every step of decision making for your big day.


“I can wear a saree as nicely as I can wear my hot pants and crop top and you wouldn’t mind either.
But what happened when I said I want to wear my bralette and not a blouse? What happened when I said I want to wear my boots and not high heels with my saree? And no, I don’t want to sit ‘Lady Like’! Does it makes me or any woman any less feminine or respectable or beautiful, if we don’t dress up according to your idea we don’t stand a chance of getting your respect or does it makes us any less acceptable? Why a woman’s respect and dignity is judged upon her dressing sense is something I will never understand and I refuse to understand. A girl is worth showing off if she dresses up in short clothes until she’s your girlfriend but the same girl becomes ‘too independent and strong’ the moment you have to marry her. Eh?”

I don’t believe too much in trends and like to keep what works for me, shape, size, color, style etc. I certainly don’t believe in following the age old ritual of only wearing bright reds, yellows, oranges for your big day and dissing onto blues, browns, whites and nudes.

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“I want to be untouchably beautiful but I also don’t want to care about how I look. I want to be the top of my class but I also just want to do as best as I can without driving myself to the edge. I want to be floating and ethereal but I want to be solid, dangerous. A mystery that’s open to everybody. A romantic that never falls in love. The bird and the cat both.”

Make-up plays an important role in minimalist look, you’ll wonder how. A delicate reddened search for the cheek, kajal, eyeliner or smokey shadow for characterized eyes and a crisp palette for a characteristic lip. Or on the other hand just mascara, some highlighter on the cover and a brilliant matte mouth.


“Is it a life well-lived, if it’s a life lived without risks?
The battle against one’s own heart, to prevent making the same mistakes again, is the toughest battle to win. The desire to let go, to try, to play with Fire- knowing the demerits, concentrating on the virtues- is not easily quenched. Being burned again is a hazard one takes; not knowing ‘what could have been’ can only result in regrets. What’s love, if not throwing oneself unabashed into a whirlwind of emotions?”

Keep it restrained. Don’t overwork the surfaced, keep the clothes simple and sensible. Don’t necessarily look for extremely heavy and beaded dupattas or lehngas. Instead focus on creating drama with unique color palette. Go for brocade shirt dresses for a ceremony like Sangeet or co-ordinates that give you fullness of a skirt but less fussy.


And If you are not too high on traditional wear and know that you’re not going to wear it often, even for a close friend’s wedding then don’t invest in more than one expensive bridal wear. Instead, go for rental designer wear that is neither too harsh on your pocket nor a headache to keep in your wardrobe. The Clothing Rental, is one such destination that you are looking for if you are a bride or a bridesmaid who doesn’t want to keep stacking clothes which you won’t use later.

Pictures by- Neil Jain 

A classical dancer who turned into a social media addict and her love for "All things yummy" made her write about whatever she ate.