There’s nothing like proving your love with your beloved to the world. Sony television has brought this unique concept of proving your love to the world and knowing you’re accompanied by your special someone gives it another feeling.

For me it was more special because two of my best friend’s participated in it and watching them in the show was an altogether different feeling. How they celebrated their love and proved to be each other’s support all throughout the time. Sony has not just given a platform to couples but also to others who can follow in the fooftstep and go out that extra mile to accept it and come out to the world.

While the show is a celebrity reality show, there’s something for people like you and me too … Yes, you read that right, and one couple from the audience like us has a golden chance of featuring on the show.

I went online and quickly logged on to this microsite mentioned in the promos The instructions are very simple unlike most contests I have participated in, in the past – All you have to do is simply

Login (with your facebook, twitter or gmail ID) and fill up your basic details such as name, your partner’s name, contact no, date of birth etc.

Share your story & picture

While you are on the same page, there’s an option to upload your picture with your partner and post your story. How simple is that!!!

Get votes

The story and picture that gets the highest number of votes of course wins a wild card entry on the show!!! How cool is that!!!

So guys, here’s a fabulous opportunity for all you lovely couples; we tell you why …

One you could feature in the same frame as other celebrity couples. Two, you can catch them completely off guard as the entry is through a wild card therefore one can expect more thrill and entertainment. Three, here’s a fabulous chance for your love to survive various tests on a BIG show on national TV

So hurry up guys, log on to and who knows!!! You could just become the next couple India loves to watch.

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