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Half n Half Dress


“What about nature’s worth?
It’s our planet’s womb
What about animals?
Turned kingdoms to dust
What about elephants?
Have we lost their trust?
(What about us?)”


When the late Michael Jackson wrote these lines (Earth Song in 1995), he must have had a foresight into the future where the humans would be running in a rat race to kill this mother earth and exhausting its resources. But with the growing exploitation of these resources, is growing the knowledge to save it, the need to explore different options to sustain, the need to find sustainable products.

One such initiative is taken by Neha Tham of Pause Fashion. She believes that it’s our duty to conserve and preserve the resources and move towards finding sustainable future. With Pause, Neha and her partner re-imagines daily wear by incorporating interesting fabrics, an ultra-flattering fit and a stylish bohemian vibe.The emphasis is on playing with different techniques and allowing the fabric to respond naturally. The extensive use of sustainable fabrics extracted from wood makes each garment soft and smooth, giving a sense of laid-back luxurious comfort.

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Vintage Dyed Grey Bomber with Shoulder Embellishments- 100% Lyocell

As people move more towards comfort clothing, we wanted to build a brand where comfort is key but so is style. The two are inextricably linked- when you touch a Pause garment, we ensure you get the softest handfeel possible. With all the stress there is in our world, we want our clothes to alleviate stress and facilitate individuality and self expression. Our color palette is all earthy tones.” said the fashion stylist turned entrepreneur when asked about the choice of tones and reason behind using earthy colors.The edgy cuts and contemporary look of each dress made me choose them for my 1st post. The fabric is breathable and you feel so comfortable that probably you would want PAUSE to be your everyday choice.

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HALF n HALF dress – its made in two fabrics. Viscose jersey and Tencel twill with an embellished shoulder patch.

Neha also believes that, PAUSE women have their own careers and make their own money. They’re dressing to look beautiful and sexy and strong and are not afraid to experiment. They care more about creative expression. We have had people from ages 21 to 70 love our clothes. If we had to categorize it our customer is between 25-45 years old for the most part.  

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Jacket- Vintage Dyed Grey Bomber with Shoulder Embellishments; Top- Tasseled Front Top; Pants- Asymmetric Dhoti Style Pants

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Embellishment on Half n Half dress; Fabric used- Viscose Jersey and Tencel Twill

“If we can pause, we can create space to breathe, to think, to be.
We are many things. Simple and complex. Fragile and resilient. Masculine and feminine. And it is indeed this fascinating coexistence of contrasts that makes us who we are.
To really shine in all our avatars, we remember to pause, and celebrate every part of ourselves.- Pause!”


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