Rise Of The Old Monk

OMR! Old Monk Rum is what we reach for every winter. Whether it’s a BYOB or a home barbeque night, nothing befits this cold season more than the good ol’ rum. So, before you run out of rum this year, read up to know how it all began!

The Dark Knight 

The rich dark rum dates back to antiquity, with the first occurrence in India or China (rooting for the country?), it spread around the world from there. An undistilled version known as Brum (seriously, we are rolfing at this name) it was recorded in the 14th century, in Brazil. The iconic Indian OMR was launched in 1954 and took over the world. Recorded as the most sold IMFL, it grew in popularity without any advertisements (talk about a fan following)!

Aged for a minimum of 7 years, this dark mysterious drink has a distinct vanilla flavour and contains only 42.8% alcohol content, as per the company. It was also listed on the 5th Rank for Indian alcohol brands, by Impact International in 2008. Regarded as the national drink of India by many, it is often used to cure colds (don’t question it, just take the excuse).

Before The Dawn

Prior to Old Monk capturing the market, there existed an exclusive distilled rum prepared for armed forces which dominated the nights. Known as Hercules, it was believed to be the stronger and superior rum, by loyalists. (We are die hard old monk fans, so let’s not say anything here!)

Back From The Dead

In India, drinking rum has been synonymous with drinking Old Monk, for about 6 decades now. The very thought that we may not be able to find it in shops, like many other iconic brands that have gone extinct in the past, gives us the chills.

In 2015, rumors started that the beloved Old Monk was going under and Mohan Meakin was planning to shut it down. Later refuted by the company, we have no reason to worry but with winters around the corner, we are definitely stocking up the bottles! (No thanks to everyone scaring us about our favorite winter drink!)

The Production 

It is true that Old monk is still being consumed by people all across the country mainly because of its high level of recognition, and that it is the oldest brand. The company should plan to capitalise on this fact and aggressively advertise all of its brand variants nationwide. Indians may have reduced drinking rum, but Old Monk is a classic.

The Old Monk factory is closer than you would think! Located in Mohan Nagar, Ghaziabad all this booze is coming from right around the corner. Wanna take a trip with us? Here are the Indian states loving and living the Old Monk life.

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