Bring in the festive celebrations with Gelato Italiano’s ‘Rich Scoop Fiesta’ – a Limited Edition of premium flavors for all dessert lovers. The brand in addition to its existing signature range will be introducing four premium flavours made with all exotic ingredients.

    The Limited Edition ‘Rich Scoop Fiesta’ flavours are Tiramisu Gelato, Black Forrest Gelato, Belgian Chocolate Gelato, and Fruit & Nut. The fiesta will be available from 20th October, 2014 and till 31st December 2014. These four unique flavors are made with all natural ingredients:

    • Tiramisu Gelato – Crema, Coffee Powder, Cheese Mascarpone, Cocoa powder and Egg less sponge
    • Black Forest Gelato –  Crema, Chocolate Truffle, Cherry, Dark chocolate flakes and Egg less sponge
    • Belgian Chocolate Gelato – Crema, Dark chocolate, Cocoa powder, Coffee powder and Chocolate flakes
    • Fruit & Nut – Crema, Orange crush, Mango pulp, Toppings (Rose syrup, Chocolate sauce and Almonds)

    Gelato lovers can now treat their family & friends with gourmet delights of the ‘Rich Scoop Fiesta’!

    Belgium Choclate

    You guys remember how Preity Zinta craved for Belgian Chocolate ice cream in Salaam Namaste? Yes, this is the same gelato which one would crave for because it is the most creamy, chocolaty and amazing ice cream I’ve ever had!! It goes into your mouth and you don’t wanna stop eating, the need for more will keep you on your toes to come back to the nearest Gelato Italiano store.



    First on my tasting list out of four new flavors was the Black Forest. This is the best Black Forest ice cream I’ve ever had, yes I mean it! It was as good as having a Black Forest cake with big chunks of chocolate, cake and cherries. I am drooling even while writing about it so now you can imagine how good it must be. This is my personal favorite and i would recommend everyone to try this at least once.

    Fruit & Nut

    Fruit & Nut

    Crema, Orange crush, Mango pulp, Toppings (Rose syrup, Chocolate sauce and Almonds) this is what you will get when you will order this flavor and if you have a tooth for everything sweet like really SWEET then this ever green flavor is to die for.



    Tiramisu is one of the most sort after dessert across the globe and Gelato has brought it to us in India, the best dessert in form of ice cream. With Coffee Powder, Cheese Mascarpone and Egg less sponge this ice cream took me back to the time when i was in Russia and had the best Tiramisu of my life. I could feel every ingredient individually on my tongue and it was a joy ride for my taste buds. Looking for something different? Go try Tiramisu Gelato and thank me later.

    Available at all Gelato Italiano outlets across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore

    About Pan India Food Solutions:


    Incorporated in September 2000, Pan India Food Solutions Pvt. Ltd. (Blue Foods) commenced its operations in Mumbai and fast expanded its orbit covering other major cities across India. Being one of the lead players in the organized retail-food business in India, Blue Foods operates in the food & beverage segments with its lead brands– Spaghetti Kitchen, Copper Chimney, Bombay blue Gelato Italiano, Noodle Bar & The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

    In a span of 10 years, Blue Foods is operational across more than over 125 outlets across India and serves more than one million customers monthly.

    Pan India Food Solutions has been awarded the prestigious ‘Coca Cola Golden Spoon Awards’ in two main categories, one in ‘Excellence in Food Court Brand – Spoon’ in 2010 & 2011 and  2012 and as ‘Best Restaurant Chain’ for the year 2010.  The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf also won the Best Café (Gold) Award at India International Coffee Festival 2012. Spaghetti kitchen has won the Times Food Award in Best Italian Restaurant category at Kolkata and Bangalore for 2011.

    Happy Eating & Happy Reading!!!