Regardless of whether you are dieting or are simply trying to live a healthy lifestyle, desserts are either restricted or completely slashed off your food list. Your sweet cravings either go for a toss or you end up giving in to your cravings followed by guilt pangs. But it doesn’t have to be that way now. There are lower-calorie and healthier ways to curb your sugar cravings which will also trigger a happy mood without jeopardizing your health goals. What’s more these desserts are also often great for your gut as they are loaded with good bacteria and probiotics. Take a look at these healthy sweet treats that you can indulge in freely and feel good about yourself hours later. Remember to thank us later…  


  • Skinny moist chocolate brownies with Greek yogurt

Yes brownies too can be healthy. All one needs is to skip the refined flour, eggs, butter and cream and substitute them with oat flour, Greek yogurt, dark brown sugar and vegan chocolate ganache for that gooey texture without letting go of the original flavor. They would look and taste just as welcoming and decadent as their higher-calorie equivalents. So the next time you desire for something sweet, bake a batch of these brownies and dig in.

Skinny moist chocolate brownies with Greek yogurt

  • Fruit sorbets

There can be nothing healthier in a dessert than a sorbet and the best part is it is the easiest thing to prepare. All one needs is three ingredients; fruits of choice, honey or maple syrup and lemon juice. One does not need any special ice cream maker for it because a simple freezer will do wonders. Opt for some watermelon, kiwi or honeydew sorbets that are enriched with tons of vitamins A and C, along with the antioxidant lycopene.


Fruit sorbets

  • Frozen fruit yogurt

Frozen yogurt comes as a perfect solution to your dessert dilemmas and is an excellent fat-free alternative to ice cream, with the added benefits of probiotics, found in regular yogurt. The dessert is also a better source of calcium than ice cream, with an average of 103 milligrams in a one-half cup.

Frozen Fruit Yogurt

  • No-bake peanut butter chocolate bars

Yes, peanuts are healthy and contain good fats. These creamy and nutty bars contain natural peanut butter and the all-time healthy Greek yogurt on a chocolate-cookie crust. With no hassles of baking, this dessert is yet another on-the-go solution for your sweet cravings.


No-bake peanut butter chocolate bars

  • Grape or orange tarts

Overflowing with lusciousness, both grapes and oranges add a dose of vitamin C and antioxidants to this bite-size sweet. What makes it an absolutely healthy pick is that the recipe relies on fat-free Greek yogurt in place of whipped cream, for the flavorful filling.
So the next time your sweet tooth provokes you to reach out for something decadent, you might have to refrain from the supersized cupcakes or the ice cream sundaes, but there are plenty of other treats waiting for you to relish them sans guilt!


Happy eating & Happy reading!!!

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