About Us

Chatpati Diary” is all about trying new things, whether it’s a street food joint, a restaurant, a bar or new product etc. We are foodies, we enjoy the flavours, we understand the trend and we try to bring a first-hand experience to you all of various things. We write on our personal experiences and not on the basis of how popular the place, property and product is. Now, a little bit about our founder & crazy experimentalist, Nupur Agarwal. Nupur is person who’s a food lover by choice and understands the nitty gritty of the subject because she was born in a family of chef’s and self-confessed food enthusiasts. Her escapades with spices and curries started at a very early age and she began to bake and cook alongside her father/mother but never took cooking seriously and instead started exploring flavours and hidden gems in her city, Delhi.

By degree and education she’s a bachelor’s in Philosophy from Delhi University and a Kathak graduate from Allahabad University. She’s a major in Journalism and has worked as a professional dancer for 10 years now. Nupur is a social media ninja by the day and a blogger post work. This woman has touched and passed different walks of life at a very early age.

Chatpati Diary is as diversified as Nupur’s life and interests. Her encounters with new people, dishes, her love for travelling and trying new things and testing new products can be seen on her blog. What was started as a mere personal blog is now a dedicated platform and has a team of its own.

The Team

Nistha Singh” Food Connoisseur. Philosophy Graduate.

Nistha could surely be described as a food geek. Not only does she enjoy dinning out at different restaurants, she likes to share the experience too. She pays attention to detail which make her recommendations worth a try. Apart from this one innocent passion for food, she prefers to spend most of her time in her philosophical cocoon. She likes to indulge her intellectual faculties into things related to academics. Greek philosophy is her academic calling, she looks forward to study in detail the thoughts of Plato and pursue a research career in the same.